Shipping policy

You are responsible for the costs of shipping your Merchandise to and from our studio, plus any necessary insurance. Choose a shipping provider with reliable tracking information and signature confirmation. If a shipment is lost, delayed, or damaged, while in transit to our studio, we are not responsible for such loss, damage or delays. Note that we would accept the products/items from small to medium sized only. Products/item size must not exceed size of 2feet X 2 feet X 3feet in dimension. Also we do not fotograph garments/items which require any sort of drapes like Indian sarees, dhoti, shawls etc as draped or hollow mannequins. These can be only photographed as folded and flat (as long as the final size is folded to fit within 2 feet X 2 feet X 3 feet size).


Prohibited items

Do not deliver to us any Merchandise that contains any narcotic, illegal drug, or controlled substance, or any dangerous weapon, firearm, explosive, dangerous chemical, obscene or pornographic materials or any merchandise that is unlawful to possess in India.


Shipping of Merchandise to us

When shipping Merchandise to our studio, please follow these guidelines:

● Packages should be carefully packed to ensure protection of the Merchandise during transit.
● All packages should include your name, company name, address, email address, and phone number.
● All packages should include the reference number for your project, which is emailed to you after submitting a “Let’s get started” form.
● All packages must have the Address slip printed and pasted on the packages. This Address slip is mailed to the registered email address provided while ordering.


Shipments should be addressed to:

619, Udyog Vihar Phase V,
Gurgaon, Haryana, 122016 . India


Return shipping

If you specify return shipping when placing your order, we will return your Merchandise to you after completion of the project. You must provide a physical address for return. Due to import/export regulations, all return shipments must be to an address within India. The cost of return shipping and handling will be quoted prior to shipment. You may also pick up your products at our studio location during business hours if you do not want them to be shipped. All return shipments are subject to our Limitation of Liability as mentioned below:

Limitation of liability for damage or loss of Merchandise. If your Merchandise becomes damaged or lost while in our possession, or during return shipment, we will not, replace, repair, or reimburse you for the value of the Merchandise. For Merchandise valued greater than Rs 10,000 we advise you should purchase your own insurance covering loss or damage to the Merchandise while in our possession and during transit to and from our studio. We are not liable for loss or damage to Merchandise, regardless of quantity.


Upon request, we will store your Merchandise in our facility free of charge for up to 30 days after completion of your project. After 30 days, you must arrange with us for Merchandise to be returned, picked up, donated, or discarded. If we are unable to obtain your preference, Merchandise will be subject to our Abandonment policy in section 4 (g) below.


Donating or discarding. Occasionally
the value of some Merchandise may be less than the cost of return shipping. If you do not want the Merchandise returned to you at the completion of your project please let us know and we will donate or discard the Merchandise. We are not able to offer compensation or credit for donated or discarded Merchandise. If you choose to have your Merchandise donated or discarded, we will decide which persons or organizations receive the Merchandise or whether it is discarded instead of donated.


If your Merchandise is in our possession and we aren’t able to reach you regarding its return, it will be considered abandoned after the time periods detailed below have expired. If we try to reach you to obtain return shipping information, or payment for return shipping, and 30 days pass without us receiving the necessary information or payment, we will then email you a notice informing you that your Merchandise is at risk of being donated, discarded, or sold. If another 30 days passes after we have emailed the aforementioned notice and we still have not received your return shipping information or payment for return shipping, you agree that all title, interest, and ownership of the Merchandise shall be transferred to us and the Merchandise will be donated, discarded, or sold, at our option, and you will not receive any compensation for the merchandise or proceeds from any sale.